Bavarian Avocado Salad – you´ve got to try this

A bavarian avocado salat sounds crazy to you ? The bavarian cuisine is very solid and delicious, but unfortunatly with lot of meat. Inspired by sausage salad and to bring Veggie and Bavarian together, the Bavarian avocado salad has been created. You know that, you got a crazy idea and first is not sure if it will work or if not 🙂 Here, however, it has really succeeded, all the critical concerns are disappeared enjoying this delicious salad. Next is a radish salad in the same style…

By the way, great for a picnic or simply to take with you.

bavarian avocado salad

bavarian avocado salad


But now, here comes the recipe – it is quite simple

1 avocado

1 large onion

A handful of arugula salad

A few small cherry tomatoes

Some watercress

a pinch of salt, pepper

2 Tablespoons of oil and vinegar

2 Salzstange ( baguette works too)

Cut the tomatoes and the avocado, cut the onion into rings – mix the oil and the vinegar in a cup – cut the baguette in the middle, but do not cut them all the way. Put the salad, then avocado, tomato and onion in the baguette and finally the dressing -ready and suuuuuuuuuuper delicious. By the way, a nice idea to style your plate is garlic (whether fresh or dried) as a decorative element. Simply cut in the middle and a handful of fresh herbs and finished is a real sweet summer decoration for the table. Have fun with it and I hope you like the bavarian avocado salad 🙂

Knoblauch Dekoration

garlic decoration







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