DIY Mini Bath bombs with rose blossoms

Mini Badebomben DIY mit Rosenblüten

Mini Badebomben DIY mit Rosenblüten

DIY Mini Bath bombs with rose blossoms – beautyful rose scent. Making Bath balls yourself isn’t only really easy – it’s just fun to do. Create your own combinations use unconventional ingredients and even safe some money.

We all know the feeling when you’re in the middle of the week, totally stressed and just need a little break. Often there isn’t much more than an hour free time left – so let’s make the best out of it!

These sweet little bath bombs are really easy and fast to make – you wouldn’t expect that when you smell their beautyful scent.



3.5 oz Baking soda

2.6 oz Citric acid

2.6 oz Bath salts

1 Tablespoon starch

0.125 Cups coconut oil

1 Tablespoon water


First you need to mix all the dry ingredients togehter, you can btw choose a bath salt of your choice.

Then you mix the currently produced pulver together with the rest of the ingredients. The result should have the consistency of salt dough – not too dry and not soaking wet.

Now you’re ready to put the mass in a mold of your choice. To acquire the image obove you can fill the form with dried rose blossoms. You may also use lavendar blossoms or eaven coloured sugar pearls to style it your way. Press the mass tight into the mold and put in your freezer for about 30-60 minutes.

After that you can get it out of the mold and let ist dry on baking paper for about a day.



In my example I used rose blossom tea in the bottom of the mold, which is by the way a great tea that smells like a rose garden in your living room.






The size of the bath balls is not exactly limited, you can for example put the dough in cheap acrylic christmas tree balls. Anyway, the bigger they get the more time they’ll need to dry.





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