teatime – little tea-secrets

teatime – little tea-secrets

It´s always teatime. The Majority thinks about peppermint tea or green tea, also delicious but there´s still more to go 🙂

Exactly what i tell you in this blogpost, tea is for the little moments – you need not much to make it more special.

Daisy tea, sounds strange – looks amazing and tastes soooo good. Dried Daisy´s are really a highlight for salads and you can take them from your garden

if you got one or you order it like me sometimes. I use two teaspoons dried daisy´s and teaspoon honey – perfect.

daisy tea - gänseblümchen tee

daisy tea

Ok what´s next, fresh peppermint tea – especially in autumn when you can harvest the last herbs on your balcony, it´s time for this fresh tea. Tea depends on your mood – peppermint is perfect if you wanna do a beautyweekend, refreshing and vitalizing. And also here is a lil secret tipp 🙂

“mint sugar” is a mixture of dried peppermint and sugar and it adds an extra kick. Firstly pestle the dried peppermint and then add the sugar and pestle again.



pfefferminztee / peppermint tea

My absolut favourite tea and in a teapot of glass a eyecatcher is “Flowering tea” . I buy it in a little chinese shop, but you can also find it online. You can get white, green or black tea.

You can use one “tea-ball” three times, second one is best. It is also more comfortable to have a teapot instead of one cup you´ve to refill 😀

flowering tea

flowering tea