Brownie Bites and Winter Breakfast

Winter Breakfast


Leftover Brownies, yes i know it sounds impossible 🙂 But in case it´ll happen, there are endless possibilities to create something new.

For example this super creamy winter breakfast- for this one, the base is brownies, then follows a layer oats-cinnamon-vanilla-mix and finished with a layer of haselnutcreme and topped with vegan cream and brownie crumples. Mmmmmh so yummi and easy….

Brownie Bites

Frozen Brownie Bites are a real highlight, especially when it´s cold outside.

  • Brownies
  • Almond
  • coconut oil
  • vanilla
  • cinnamon

Mix all togheter and fill it in an icetray and put it in the fridge and then enjoy.


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