DIY Dress/ Makeup photo shooting – the making of

  The Making of DIY Dresses / Make Up photo shooting is online, which was created for the first edition of  the “Embrace … The Lil Things”. In the magazine, you can have a look at the final result, but here is an exclusive look behind the scenes. Summarized there are different clothes from newspaper paper over to the total rainbow overload. Normally,i took the pictures for the blog or the magazine at home with a small, improvised construction, without ...

Irresistible watermelon salad

At allthelilthings, it´s watermelon recipe week and today with these irresistible watermelon salad – Why? It is summer and watermelon simply belongs to it and offers so many possibilities. It is an absolute highlight when grilling, and it tastes grilled just sooo sweet. But this fruit can be more, from the ice pop to the cake – you can find everything online. This irresistible watermelon salad speaks for itself – in the summer, when the temperatures rise, this salad is ...

Watermelon Pizza / Watermelon Toast

Watermelon Pizza / Watermelon Toast – what is it? My first two ideas around that great fruit.   The Watermelon is – at least in germany – the one and only ‘Summerfruit’. You can’t watch one without thinking about your vacation, beaches and that incredible fresh taste. But did you know that watermelons, botanically, aren’t fruits? In fact its a pumpkin-growth that is originated in afrika. Even the old egypts knew about it’s taste and today it’s known all around ...

Free Mermaid Flares – now online

Well, the english version of our magazine isn’t ready yet. However, the free mermaid flares are! You can download and, of course, use them for your YouTube Videos free! Download

all the lil things – commercial – first issue

    From the origami bird to the cupcake  – let yourself be enchanted by the allthelilthings commercial – have fun watching it Take a look at our youtube channel, soon there´ll be a great making of video of our diy photo shooting.  

Bavarian Avocado Salad – you´ve got to try this

A bavarian avocado salat sounds crazy to you ? The bavarian cuisine is very solid and delicious, but unfortunatly with lot of meat. Inspired by sausage salad and to bring Veggie and Bavarian together, the Bavarian avocado salad has been created. You know that, you got a crazy idea and first is not sure if it will work or if not 🙂 Here, however, it has really succeeded, all the critical concerns are disappeared enjoying this delicious salad. Next is ...

DIY Frozen Joghurt – Vegan Frozen Joghurt Bites

DIY Frozen Joghurt – Vegane Frozen Joghurt Bites Hard to believe it, but it seems if it is finally summer – damn it was time 🙂 If everything is adjusted for summer vibes, the food becomes lighter and the drinks colder. Salads in exchange for warm casseroles and hot chocolate must wait for winter, Prosecco Time Ladies … but that would be another post, who is looking for inspiration, just look at the allthelilthings instagram account;) DIY Frozen yogurt has ...

Origami breakfast

Origami for Breakfast – Eyecatcher for everyone praying for spring Intentionally taken as a picture for the Magazine this Combination blew my mind and will probably be with me all summer long. It‘s definitely good looking and I‘m waiting for your own creations in the comments section down below. Anyway, there is so much great tutorials on how to fold paper and I‘ll just provide a link to you, because there is now way I can list all of them. ...

DIY Mini Bath bombs with rose blossoms

DIY Mini Bath bombs with rose blossoms – beautyful rose scent. Making Bath balls yourself isn’t only really easy – it’s just fun to do. Create your own combinations use unconventional ingredients and even safe some money. We all know the feeling when you’re in the middle of the week, totally stressed and just need a little break. Often there isn’t much more than an hour free time left – so let’s make the best out of it! These sweet ...

teatime – little tea-secrets

teatime – little tea-secrets It´s always teatime. The Majority thinks about peppermint tea or green tea, also delicious but there´s still more to go 🙂 Exactly what i tell you in this blogpost, tea is for the little moments – you need not much to make it more special. Daisy tea, sounds strange – looks amazing and tastes soooo good. Dried Daisy´s are really a highlight for salads and you can take them from your garden if you got one ...